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Founded in 2020, it is committed to becoming a professional website in the aviation field.
We're a group of people who love aviation, and we're a group of people who love technology.
This is our mission, which is to give you some touching with your own abilities.

Aviation Information

Based on Internet data, we provide you with selected high-quality aviation news, airline news, airport news, industry news and other information.

Online Course

It provides rich information courses including compilation of aeronautical data, aviation meteorology, airport control, civil aviation laws and regulations, and land-air dialogue language.

Online Flight

After many years of technical iterations, we have integrated multiple functions required for flight simulation and are committed to providing as much content as possible in the simplest way.

Aviation Exchange

We have set up "aviation circle"," airport bar" and other exchange areas to create a strong aviation exchange atmosphere and constantly strive for better exchange experience.

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You are welcome to post freely in the community, but please follow the rules. Violation of the rules will be subject to deletion of the post prohibition, and repeated offenders will be subject to punishment such as seal number!
  • All topics and responses must strictly adhere to the People's Republic of China's relevant laws and regulations, as well as the current state.
  • Irrigation is defined as the use of meaningless characters and other content in posts or replies, and repeated use is defined as malicious irrigation.
  • Political topics, pornography, content that causes a lot of discomfort, and advertisements that aren't approved by forum administrators are all examples of violations in the community.
  • If the content you share is not original, the source of the content and the original author must be specified. If the community reprints your content without authorization, please contact the community administrator to delete it.
  • Please indicate the source and original author when reprinting or quoting the original content of the community.AeroFlight Community reserves the right to investigate those who do not comply with this regulation or use community content illegally.
  • You have the right to appeal if you believe you have been unfairly treated. If you have any comments on the management personnel, you can also post a complaint or send a private letter to the community administrator.

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Recruit community administrators and relevant technicians.
  • Please come as soon as possible, don't hesitate!

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  • The website is currently in the public service operation stage, and the management team is in charge of all expenses.
  • Our monthly expenses still require more than 1000 dollars.Please support us if you, too, enjoy aviation and technology and want to help others!

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  • C coins, prestige, and contribution are the three types of credit names that exist at the moment.
  • These points are derived from daily operations and are primarily used to reflect the level of the user.
  • Please review the detailed points rules in the Personal Settings Center.

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There are two types of account blocking in AeroFlight Community:
  • Access ban:It is banned for violating community regulations and cannot be unsealed.
  • Speech ban:Provide the community account name and UID to appeal.Please wait patiently for the management team to respond to your appeal after it has been filed. The account and management team with serious violations will reject your appeal and permanently ban it.

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If you do not receive the activation email sent by the community after registering your account:
  • Check to see if your community account's email address has been incorrectly filled out.
  • Your mailbox system may incorrectly label it as spam. Go to the "trash can" to find.

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We place a high value on the original author's creative rights and interests, and we have published the two-step complaint process:
  • Fill out the "Notice on the Requirement to Delete or Disconnect Infringement Network Content" document, which is formulated by the National Copyright Administration of China in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Information Network Communication.
  • Send the file to the community support department via email: support@aeroflight.cn, the email title is [Infringement Complaint]+ specific infringement content, and the notification file can be sent as the email attachment!
  • After receiving the complaint email, we will process your application as soon as possible.

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Please take part in the official QQ communication group, contact the community administrator for help, group number:484554627


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Tips on account security

Recently, we have raised the password complexity standard for new registered accounts. The new standard is: The password length is at least 8 digits (the original 6 digits) .Upper and lowercase letters and numbers must be included in the password. Please change your password to ensure security!

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The Memorial An225 Medal can be claimed

I've traveled all over the world over the years.When I was born, the airplane apron was very noisy. Tu154 was always noisy. The screws on my body could be shaken off by three stands. When DC10 left, he told me on VHF that maybe only 747 could accompany you on this apron.In 2005, the Queen...

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Statement on change of service scope

Because the behavior of some users may jeopardize the rights and interests of the vast majority of users, we are pleased to announce today that our services can be launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan, China, China, due to compliance and relevant safety regulations.

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